Our Location on Simeulue Island

The Moon Beach Resort is located in scenic Desa Lantik Teupah Barat Simeulue Island Aceh and only 10 minutes by car from Sinabang Airport and 20 minutes from the main shopping town of Sinabang. Simeulue lies 3 degrees north of the equator on the northern end of the Banyak group of islands off the West Sumatran coast.

The Resort is a beautiful facility that sits right on the foreshore of the Indian Ocean with long white sandy beaches overlooking the serene unique lush tropical Islands of Teupah, Mincau and Seflak Isle. Our beach is quiet safe for swimming so you can plunge in for some great body surfing or learn to surf on our beach breaks or just sit on your deck and soak up the tranquility.

How to get to us on Simeulue Island