Restaurant and Food

MBR’s unique dining & entertainment center is located on the fore sure overlooking out pristine beach. The large cool thatched traditional A frame building houses our kitchen and dining area with two huge feasting tables and a relaxing chill out lounge area including;

  • Entertainment area with lounge & bar, including cable TV with sports & movie channels, Stereo, table tennis, darts, books & assorted games.
  • Beach Volley ball out front with a BBQ. On the deck there are tables and chairs to relax and hang out in while overlooking the waves.

To insure our guests are provided with delicious & nutritious food no expense will be spared in the purchase and presentation of fresh clean local & imported products for our kitchen. The Resort has it’s own organic paw paw, banana & pineapple farm and grows many different vegetables and herbs.

We also cater for those of you who prefer vegetarian or glutton free dishes just tell our staff who will be happy to prepare various dishes for you.

Breakfast – Select your breakfast each morning from our Menu. Breakfast is served from 7.00 am to 10 am consisting of fresh Juice and fruit plus your choice of either two pieces of Toast with eggs any style or jam, plus a verity of Asian dishes, special fried rice or fried noodles or boiled noodles or white rice or banana pancakes. For the early birds we can provide, juice, fruit, toast, tea & coffee at the Dining room on a self-serve basis, plus you can have a late breakfast when you come back.

Lunch – A nutritious lunch is normally from 12 pm to 2 pm but if you are late back we will make sure you don’t go hungry, consisting of a variety of western food, pizza, beef/chicken salads & fries, toasted smoked beef/chicken/ tomato, onion & cheese sandwiches, plus a verity of Asian favorites such as special fried rice, fried & boiled noodles dishes plus many more.

Dinner – The evening meal is from 7 pm to 8 pm with a variety of delicious meals such as beef curry or casserole, fettuccine with beef or seafood sauce, grilled fish, stir-fry prawns & calamari, pizza & chicken cooked in a verity of western & Asian cousin.

Mini Bar Fridge – on request we can stock your fridge with beverages for purchase. Staff will fill out your mini bar purchases daily for your signature and payment prior to departure or daily as you wish.

All Day Menu – Fresh juice is available along with other hot or cold snack food such as (fries / spring rolls / toasted sandwiches) please see our All Day Menu for pricing. We hope to keep you fed well enough that you won’t need snacks, however for the hungry ones the menu is available for guests and your friends to purchase on request.