Getting Here & Away

How to get to Simeulue Island

Getting here is easy. Fly to Medan KNO international airport in Sumatra. Then catch a 1-hour domestic flight to Simeulue and your there.  You can fly to Medan KNO direct or via Malaysia KL, Singapore and other airports.

Most popular option is to take a night flight from your location and arrive in the morning at Medan in time to catch the daily 12:20 Lion Air Wings domestic flight from Medan to Simeulue and you can be surfing that afternoon. Similarly for the return flight it is best to take a night flight out of Medan as the Lion Air Wings flight departs Simeulue at 13:45 arriving in Medan from Simeulue at 14:50 (but is sometimes 2 to 3 hours late)

If you arrive in Medan in the afternoon or leave Medan in the morning on your flight back a night in a Hotel in Medan would be required.

We can arrange this and transfers for you if required. Hotels in Medan range from AUD $50-$130 for twin room and Medan return airport transfers are AUD $40 per person.

Lion Air Wings Medan > Simeulue Return are approximately AUD $250 per person

Due to occasional domestic and International flight delays we recommend all guests book into a Hotel on the way home to ensure that sufficient time is available to meet your flight schedules without loss of your tickets. The Resort does not accept any liability due to flight delays causing loss of your domestic or international tickets beyond our control.


  1. If you are not staying in Medan overnight all you have to do is make your way to the Lions air wings counter on the second floor 2 hours before the flight at 12:20 Counter C which is next to the information desk in the middle of the arrivals hall. It’s not such a big airport but if lost please go to the information desk and ask for the location of the Lion Air Wings counter.
  2. If you are staying in Medan over night on the way in or on the way out you have the choice of staying at a hotel near the airport or going into the city. For VIP Hotel package guests who have  prearranged through MBR our driver will meet you at the airport exit gate on arrival. He will have a sign with yours or someone from your groups name on it and take you to your Hotel and pick you up in the morning.

  1.  The International and domestic terminals are all under the one roof.
  • 1st floor is both Domestic and International arrivals
  • 2nd floor is both domestic and international departures.
  • 1st floor has some flight lounges that are about AUD $10
  • 2nd floor has a Starbucks

When you arrive all you have to do is take the elevator upstairs to the departure level and ask at the information counter where the Lion Air Wings  check in counter is. It is usually at  counter C next to the information desk.

Then checking of surfboards is a bit of a process.

Approach the Check in counter and check in, check in Luggage. They will weigh your luggage and board bag. See notes on baggage allowances below.

  1. They will check in your luggage then but not your board bag. They will give you a piece of paper then tell you to go to the payment Counter, (Take your board bag with you) which is at the end of Counter D
  2. Give them the piece of paper and pay the board bag charge
  3. Then go back to the original Check in counter C and give the board bag payment receipt to the airline staff.
  4. They will finally give you your boarding pass, baggage and board bags tickets for retrieval in Simeulue.
  5. Then go to oversized baggage on the same floor over next to Counter A and check in your board bag

Here is a link to the airport:

4. Try to check in early as there is an 8-board bag limit per flight (This is a general rule and the airline allow more board bags at their discretion). You can check in 2 hours before the flight. There is NO Baggage allowance. Baggage is Rp 25,000 per kilogram. There is a 7 kg carry on allowance. (Board bags are separate) max 20kg Also you will have to pay the Board Bag charge when checking in as mentioned above. Currently Rp.200, 000 per board one way about AUD $20.

Also you will have to pay the Board Bag charge when checking in as mentioned above. Currently Rp.200, 000 per board one way about AUD $20.

If your boards do not make it on the plane they will be on the next day’s flight. So for big groups, it is recommended shuffling your boards around so everyone has a board to ride if some don’t get on. Although this does not happen often.

5.  ATM’s are available at the Medan Airport, ALL Cards for Cash or Credit Card withdrawals, Bank BCA or MANDIRI are best.

There is only one ATM on the Island that will take a MasterCard and Visa Card only but DO NOT rely on it working; we require all payment for extras in Indonesian Rupiah.

Terms and Conditions – Ticketing

Moon Beach Resort does not assume responsibility for those inherent risks which may cause unfortunate accidents or incidents during ordinary travel conditions. The Resort will not be held responsible for injury, death, damage, loss, delay, cost, expense, or inconvenience arising from travel misfortunes beyond our control.

The Resort will not be held responsible for last minute flight schedule changes by either international carriers or domestic. Air schedules beyond our control.

Domestic Tickets are non-refundable